Relay Team Information


The turkey leg relay teams will consist of two team members. Each team member will receive a bib number and a timing tag. The bib number will be the same for both members of the team.

For example, you are team # 4001, both team members will receive a 4001 bib number. Each bib number will come with a Bib Tag timing tag. Each team member is to affix their bib number to the FRONT of their shirt. Both tags will be coded to the same team and the same number. Please leave the timing tag affixed to your bib, you only have to tag your teammate at the relay junction. The relay hand off will be at the 2 mile mark on the course. One team member will start at the starting line along with the entire field of 4 mile participants and other relay teams, the second leg relay participant will be waiting at the 2 mile junction.

***Note: First member of the team, please do not stand too close to the finish line prior to your relay team member completing the second leg. Your bib tag is still active even though you have finished your leg of the race.***

*The relay junction will be located at Mile 2. You will not have trouble finding the relay exchange.*

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